Burscough Priory provides the facility for students to hire a locker for their time at school, however availability of lockers is limited. The lockers are suitable for storing PE kit, books etc. Lockers must be emptied at the end of each term.

Lockers require payment of £20 for the duration the locker is held, with a refund of £10 issued at the end of year 11 (or when the student leaves school), providing the condition of the locker is acceptable and suitable for reuse. Payment of lockers can be made via the school’s online payment system, School Gateway.

Use of lockers is seen as a privilege to all students and any misuse will result in the withdrawal of the facility. The headteacher has the authority to open any locker without the key holder’s permission if there is any reason for concern.

If students lose their locker key, they can borrow a spare key at a cost of £5, with the understanding that students will get a replacement key cut at their expense and the spare key returned to the office. School will refund the £5 upon return of the spare key.

To apply for a locker, students must request the appropriate form from the school office, to be signed by themselves and their parent/guardian.