Endeavour Learning Trust

Following the Government’s agenda for schools, Endeavour Learning Trust (ELT) was set up as a multi academy trust (known as a MAT) in 2016. Burscough Priory Science College joined ELT on 1st September 2018 and became Burscough Priory Academy.

The role of governance is slightly different once a school is a member of a MAT, with Local Academy Councillors overseeing the individual schools through their work in a Local Academy Councils (LACs) and Trustees overseeing all the academies in the MAT.

Trustees are responsible for the strategic direction, broad policy framework and oversight of the Trust and all its academies. They take decisions that are in the best interests of the MAT as a whole and are not representative of any one of the constituent academies. There will be one Trustee on each Local Academy Council.  The Trustees are also Directors of Endeavour Learning Trust which is a company limited by guarantee and registered as such at Companies House.

The main responsibility of the Councillors on the LAC is to ensure that standards of attainment and progress by the students of the Academy are high.  The LAC agrees the school’s aims and objectives, monitors and reviews policies, targets and priorities for the Academy.  It is accountable to the Board of Trustees through the CEO, Mrs L Gwinnett, for its decisions.

 In order to successfully carry out its role the LAC will:

  • Ensure the Academy is in line with the vision and direction of ELT;
  • Encourage the highest standards of leadership and management at all levels within the academy to support the strategic direction, vision, values and objectives for the school;
  • Ensure accountability by monitoring progress towards targets;
  • Engage with stakeholders;
  • Contribute to school self-evaluation;
  • Ensure financial security by proposing and reviewing the budget and monitoring spending, ensuring value for money, managing risk and overseeing that money is well spent
  • Support, challenge, advise and hold the Academy senior leaders to account.

Members & Trustees of Endeavour Learning Trust

Business and Pecuniary Interests of Trustees and Members

Attendance of Members and Trustees

Master Scheme of Delegation Supporting, Supported and Sponsored Academies

Burscough Priory Local Academy Council

Academy Councillors are selected to cover a variety of stakeholders; at all times there will be posts on the board taken from the parent (2 Councillors) and staff (no more than a third of the LAC) bodies.

At least one Academy Councillor will be a Trustee of ELT, and other Academy Councillors will be co-opted by the LAC on a skills basis. The current LAC membership is available in the document below.

Training & Support

To keep abreast of new legislation and to maintain and learn new skills, Academy Councillors are encouraged to attend the variety of training courses that are available to them. New Councillors are supported by a mentor and are encouraged to attend induction courses. The LAC sets aside two additional meetings per year to concentrate on joint training objectives.

Burscough Priory Local Academy Council

Terms of Reference for Local Academy Council

Attendance at Local Academy Council Meetings 2018 2019

Business and Pecuniary Interests of Local Academy Councillors


If you wish to contact any member of the Local Academy Council, ELT Trustee or Member you can do so by either:

Telephone - Call the switchboard on 01704 893259 and ask to leave a message

Email -  academycouncillor@burscoughprioryacademy.org


Burscough Priory Academy

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Endeavour Learning Trust is a limited company number 7848372

Registered in England. Registered office: Tarleton Academy, Hesketh Lane, Tarleton, Lancashire PR4 6AQ

Telephone: 01772 812644

Endeavour Learning Trust is a Limited company but is exempt from the obligation to use “limited” as part of the company name.