We would like to welcome you to Burscough Priory Academy. The next few years of your life are going to be some of the most memorable and being here at this school will only enhance your high school experience. There is no need to worry about your transition to your new school, you will feel at home here in no time.

Even the most average of days here at Burscough Priory Academy is one to write home about. Our school curriculum is balanced and it is presented to students in an engaging and varied manner, by staff of the highest calibre. Year 7 and 8 focus on introducing new content to students in a way in which it will stick best.  For us as Year 11 in our final year, it feels like time flies and almost like the next time you will be discussing it is in a Year 11 revision session! Your first two years in school also allow you to make informed judgments about which subjects you really enjoy and are excited about.  Into year 9 and 10, you will begin to make formal decisions about subjects you love, as you will begin your chosen creative courses at the start of Year 9 and your chosen Humanities and Science courses at the start of Year 10. Making these decisions can be daunting, but the teachers know you and your capabilities, and thus will guide you towards making the right decision. That just leaves Year 11, where final bits of content will be covered, followed by months of consolidating knowledge, in preparation for those ever-important exams! 

Over your time here, you will have so many opportunities to develop both academically and simply as a person. It is so important that you take every chance you have especially when it comes to extra-curricular activities, they will allow you to enjoy your time here as much as possible. So, whether your interest is sport, languages, computing or the arts, you can spend your time doing what you love. Maybe it’s simply a case of finding that thing you love. High school is a time of new and exciting experiences, it is up to you to make it as enjoyable as possible and become whatever you aspire to be. 

The school community here is one of unity, strength and absolute devotion to one another. With the vertical tutoring system firmly in place, students of all year groups have the highest levels of respect for one another. 

As Head Students, within the wider student leadership team, it is our responsibility to give you a voice, to be approachable and represent the school to the best of our ability. We act as a bridge between the teachers and student body to improve your school experience as much as possible, to sum up we are here for you. We are both extremely excited to see what the year has ahead for us and strive to do the best job we can as head students. 

On behalf of students at Burscough Priory Academy, it is our absolute pleasure to welcome you here, and we cannot wait to work with you to achieve the success you rightfully deserve.  We are truly proud of our school.

Georgia, Harry & Eva