24 August 2023

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Burscough Priory Academy celebrates the hard work and examination results of the Class of 2023


The Class of 2023 is the first cohort of students who have completed five years at Burscough Priory as an academy in the Endeavour Learning Trust.  In 2018, the students were in Year 7 and from Year 8, their formative years at school were impacted by the pandemic. Fast forward to summer 2023 and we see a year group that has risen to the challenges they have faced with humility, determination and full of the ‘E Pluribus Unum’ spirit.


With these results in 2023 comes the first externally validated set since 2019 where there has been no adjustment or concession for the students sitting the exams. The school is delighted to report that 76% of grades in English and Maths were at Grade 4 or above and 53% exceeded a Grade 5.  When viewed relatively, with headline figures that match or exceed that pre-pandemic, the school is delighted to conclude that the improvement that was evident in the 2019 results, continues in 2023.


Mrs MacLaren, Headteacher told us: ‘We would like to congratulate each and every one of our students.  Behind every exam certificate is a story, that of a person and their family - their hard work has culminated in these results. Today, the emotions have been palpable! We have seen exhilaration, sheer relief, joy and some tears. Following disruption to their early years at Priory, they now have the grades to move onto their chosen destinations. Again, like last year, so many of them will be able to access the course of choice at Level 3 and in some cases, study at a higher level than they originally considered. In the meantime, and most exciting, these grades are the stepping stone to the next stage of their education and future. They have everything to be proud of and are full of the knowledge that their examination results are important but that they, as people, are not defined by them.


We must also celebrate the relationship that we have with our parents and our community. The support and challenge that they have given their child, the students and us at school, underpins these results.  Couple this with the expertise, commitment and hard work of the staff in school, we have a real recipe for success.  The message from all of the staff in school is that these partnerships are truly appreciated.’


Outstanding individual successes are being celebrated at the very top end with a significant number of students being awarded the highest grades (7-9) across a wide range of subjects. These include: Alex Louvain-

Walters, Jasmine Griffin, Millie Hughes, Josh Goddard, Ben Harris, Caleb Giles, Florence Bardon, Tyler Price, Libby Davies and Lena Hulme.


In addition to this, the school has enjoyed many other notable successes with many students making outstanding progress, these include: Nathan Cross, Sharlene Li, Laurie Kay, Thomas Helme, Amy English, Joe Barben, Max Robinson, George Holker, Amy Cheetham and Jess Gore. 


And could go on and on – like all schools, we have so many students who have overcome their own challenges to secure grades that they should be delighted with.


Mrs MacLaren noted, ‘the staff would like to wish all of our students continued success as they move onto their new post-16 colleges or apprenticeship programmes. It has been a genuine privilege to work with this group and we are confident that they will embrace every opportunity that comes to them and face challenges head on.  They will always be a part of the Burscough Priory family.’


Nikky Roby, Chair or the Local Academy Council said, ‘Congratulations to all of the Year 11 students who will be collecting their GCSE results today.  All of the members Local Academy Council are really proud of how hard you have worked to achieve these results.  The Councillors have asked me to extend a thank you to the parents who have supported the school and the staff who have worked tirelessly with the students.’ 


Burscough Priory Academy joined Endeavour Learning Trust in September 2018. Since then, the school has celebrated a huge transformation in its culture – leaders and staff have worked tirelessly to raise standards and expectations so that students are well supported, teachers can teach and students can learn.  In November 2022, Ofsted returned and the school was judged ‘Good’.  They confirmed the self-evaluation of school leaders, reporting high standards, good behaviour, an ambitious curriculum and high-quality teaching.  All underpinned by strong safeguarding practise and pastoral support for students.