24 May 2018

Dear Parents,

The students have worked hard and their attitude in the examination hall has been first rate.  We are proud of them all.  However, the amount of work they are now able to do in lessons after concentrating so hard in exams is reducing.  Tomorrow (Friday 25th May) they will sit a two and a quarter hour exam in English Literature.  We assess the time is now right to give study leave to all students after that examination has finished.

Study leave will work as follows;

  1. Students will be expected in school for their examinations at 8.50 am for a morning exam or 1.00pm for an afternoon exam.  They should head straight for the Dining Hall where we will register them.
  2. Normal timetable for year 11 is still open and staffed by teachers.  That means that a student can talk with their teacher and go through questions.  We do not require students to attend their normal lessons although we do advise them to do so when they have not yet taken their exams in that subject.  If a student is attending any of these normal lessons, they must sign in at the front office on arrival to school.
  3. When students leave after an exam or attending a lesson they must sign out at the school office.
  4. Students may attend school all day if they wish.  They must follow their normal timetable if not in exams and be present in all of their normal lessons doing revision and work with their teacher.  If students disrupt learning they will be required to study at home and sign out from school immediately.
  5. A schedule of additional interventions over the half term (Tuesday – Friday) can be accessed here and students are welcome to attend these sessions.

We anticipate that the majority of our students will choose to sign out after the English exam tomorrow.  We cannot be certain, but we expect it will finish at around 11.30am.  Please discuss with them your expectations for how they get home after that time.

As a year group, they have shown great maturity over the past few weeks.  Teachers are available to help in school as outlined above over the final 4 weeks of exams.  We are confident that they will do well and continue to be supported in revision at home.

Link for intervention/revision timetable: here

Link for GCSE exam timetable: here


Deputy Headteacher