Mrs L Gwinnett


Mr B Dunne
Executive Headteacher



Mrs G Davies
Chief Operating Officer ELT



Miss J Bacon
 Executive Director of Standards ELT



Mrs L Jones
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning ELT



Mrs N Fairhurst
Executive Director of Student Services ELT



Mrs L Maclaren
Head of School



Miss E Schofield
Personal Assistant to Head of School



Mrs L Oliver
Assistant Headteacher - Progress and Intervention



Mr S Day
  Assistant Headteacher - Curriculum & Assessment


Mrs E Blackhurst

Assistant Headteacher - Teaching and Learning


Pastoral and Behaviour Manager Year 7 & Transition



Mrs P Ambrose

Pastoral and Behaviour Manager Year 8 & 9



Miss H Pardoe-Matthews

Pastoral and Behaviour Manager Year 10 & 11



Mrs A Stewart

Attendance Officer



Head of Learning Support



Mrs E McCallum

Operations Manager



Mrs J Fairhurst

Data Manager